Timo Schnellinger


Height: 6'2" | Weight: 185 | Hair: Brown | Eyes: Brown


Inspire Jerry Dir. Roy Clovis
P.S. I Love You Sam Dir. Richard LaGravenese
The Road to Aulis Timaios Dir. Zelmira Gainza-Bemberg
A Cuddle Group Lt. Andrews Dir. Jarrah Gurrie
Meetings at Leicester Steven Dir. Tony Phillips
New Roses Michael Dir. Susan Sommers
About Jane Marcus Dir. Dan Wilde
Tube, Underground  Pack  Dir. Andrew Collins
The Wrong Man Richard Dir. Brenda Goodman
The Lure Frank Dir. Chuck Davis


Measure for Measure (Shakespeare) Angelo  G.B. Shaw (London, NYC)
A Midsummer Nights Dream (Shakespeare) Demetrius VanBrugh (London)
The Bear (Chekov) Smirnov John Gieglud (London)
Crime and Punishment (Scene Performance) Raskolnikov John Gieglud (London)
Henry VI Part III (Shakespeare)
with Austin Pendleton and Estelle Parsons
Clifford Culture Project (NYC)
Bent Max  Main Street (NYC)
Orphans Treat M.Monroe (NYC)
The Neighbor Next Door  Billy The Beckmann (NYC)
Zip Code of Atlantis Spike Theatre for New City (NYC)

Member of the Acting Shakespeare Company

Commercials and Industrial conflicts available upon request.


Graduate: (RADA) Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts (London)
Richard Johnson (London) – Private Shakespeare Study
Sam Chwat / Ann Joan Hyman (New York City) – Speech
Graduate: Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute (New York City) – Professional Level
Irma Sandrey (New York City) – Private Study
Mauricio Bustamante (New York City) – Private Study
Beth Melsky (New York City) – Commercial Study
Acting for Film and Television (New York City)
Stanley Zareff (New York City) – Improvisation Study

Additional Languages: Upon Request
Additional Dialects:
Standard British 
Skills/Interests: US/EU Citizenships, Equity UK, Fitness Trainer (Professionally World Ranked), All Sports, World Traveler